Euro Group of Death Predictions

As the Euros come closer, everyone is keen to see how Group F, or nicknamed the Group of DEATH, pans out. The group consists of France, Germany, Hungary, and Portugal. The group consists of World Ranking #2 (France), World Ranking #5 (Portugal), and World Ranking #12 (Germany) all going against each other. It is going to be the most entertaining group. Here are my predictions, and I must say they are quite controversial. I have also included playing 11s that I would play.

4. Hungary

Seeing the group, it is quite clear why I am putting Hungary in the bottom of the table. They are a good team but just compared to other teams in the group, I do not think they will make it. Lots of players have been in quite good forms. I feel their attack is quite impressive. Janos Han, the striker from Paksi FC has scored 24 goals and given 5 assists in his 31 appearances and the Nemanja Nikolicks playing for Fehérvár has scored 22 goals and made 5 assists in his 40 appearances. Attack is solid and they have a lot of great options as well. For the center forward position there is Filip Holender, Nemanja Nikolicks, Adam Szalai, and Janos Hahn; for left wing you have Kevin Varga, Szabolcs Schon, and Tamas Cseri; and for right wing you have Roland Sallai and Roland Varga. They are all in relatively good forms and this range of attacking options gives various ways to play up forward

On the other hand, I do feel their defense is lacking a little bit with less variety. In fact, I do not even see a playable left back in the squad so I think Rossi will be playing a more attacking side with 3 in the back maybe. This may not be the most viable option against the other teams’ strong attack. The main reason I see for this team not prospering in the group is the simple fact that the quality of players is not nearly there as teams such as Germany, Portugal and France. There are only a few player coming in from the top leagues in Europe like the Bundesliga and Premier League and so we have not really see all the player play against opponents in these top leagues

3. France

This is a very controversial opinion but yes, I feel France will be finishing third in this group due to the very fact of their midfield. Yes, I know their midfield looks amazing. Kanté has just won the Champion’s League, United have had a good season with Pogba playing a vital role, and Rabiot has also had a decent season. But I just don’t see it. Pogba and Kanté are going to be a definite key in the squad but the third midfielder will be tricky to choose. The remaining options are Rabiot, Tolisso, and Sissoko. Lemar has been included in the squad but he has a muscle injury and his return is unknown and this is a big blow to the midfield because I think he would have been the perfect fit as an attacking midfielder in a more defensive setting. I know stats are not everything but if you take a look at them, Kanté only has 3 assists and no goals in his 48 appearances for the club. Of course, being a defensive midfielder, he played insanely well talking in tackling percentage and honestly, I think he is a serious Ballon D’or contender. Pogba also has 6 goals and 9 assists in his 42 appearances for United which is good but we all know his potential.

Other than the midfield the rest of the squad is looking really good and I am especially excited to see the attack. Benzema looks like he has gone back to his prime scoring 30 goals and 9 assists in his 46 appearances. Mbappe as usual has been playing extremely well with 42 goals and 11 assists in his 46 appearances for the club. I honestly feel he is the best player on the squad right now and has to start every game. There are some very underrated players that I would like to see being played like Jules Koundé from Sevilla playing in the back but with the options of Varane, Kimpembe, Zouma and Lenglet I really do not think he will get a chance. The defense is very strong in my opinion and for each position you have at least 2 top notch players. Another player who I would want to see being played is Marcus Thuram, the Left Winger from Borussia Mönchengladbach. In the left, I see either him or Kingsley Coman playing and both have had similar stats throughout the season but Thuram does not have as much experience as Coman which is why I would want to see him being played

2. Germany

Probably one of the most controversial choices, but yes, I have predicted Germany to be runners up in this group of death mainly due to their midfield options. I feel midfield is the most important part of a squad since they allow for creating and controlling the tempo of the game and are in charge of creating chances and starting crucial possessions. This is the main reason why I have put them on top of France because there is no point of having a very strong attack when your midfield cannot create the chances for the attack to perform.

Just look at the midfield of Germany, as a defensive midfielder there is Kimmich who is playing so so well this season and is in the top 2 best defensive midfielders in the world right now in my opinion. Kai Havertz has been in good form this season and has just won the Champion’s League for Chelsea. His youth and experience provide so much opportunity for a wide range of tactics for Flick to deploy. At the same time, to complement his youth, you have the experience of the likes of Toni Kroos with over 100 appearances for the country. A very underrated player on the squad is Ilkay Gundogan who has had a very good season with Manchester City, winning the Premier League with 17 goals and 5 assists in his 46 appearances for his club which is amazing for a midfielder. Along with these players you have the likes of Emre Can, Jamal Musiala (who I am very excited to see), and Neuhas as options. This variety makes them a very strong side. Unfortunately Leon Goretzka has been injured and his date of return is unknown and this may be a blow to the midfield

On the other hand, I feel that the attack of Germany is a little weak compared to the other teams in the group. Although they have a lot of great options, I feel Flick is going to play only 2 up front and I feel Werner should be up there. Werner has had a decent season with 12 goals and 15 assists for Chelsea in 52 appearances which is quite good but not the best. I am not very sure who the second striker would be but I have a feeling it would be Gnabry who’s not had the greatest of seasons with 11 goals and 7 assists in 38 appearances but they do have options like Muller, Sané, Hofmann, and Volland. I do think Kevin Volland should be given a chance since he has played well with 18 goals and 8 assists for Monaco in 40 appearances but let us see what Hansi Flick decides to do.

1. Portugal

This was a very tough choice but yes, I feel that Portugal will come out on top of the group and I honestly feel they have high chances of winning the tournament too (P.S. I am not a Ronaldo fanboy, I’m supporting Spain in the Euros 😊 don’t come @ me haha) The amount of depth along with the quality of players is just unmatchable. At the same time, they have combinations of youth and the experienced with the likes of young gems like Joao Félix and Pedro Goncalves getting the chance to play with great experienced players such as Cristiano Ronaldo. He will only make them better. Starting from the attack, this side has so many options who have been playing well such as Diogo Jota, the Liverpool winger who has scored 13 goals and given an assist in only 30 appearances for the club. Andre Silva, the forward from Frankfurt has also been having a great season and can always play as a substitute for Ronaldo. I feel it is a must for Félix to play since under the mentorship of one of the greatest players to play he will truly shine. Speaking of this great player, Cristiano Ronaldo has had an incredible season with Juventus scoring 36 goals and assisting 4 times in just 44 appearances. At the age of 36, stats like these are truly remarkable

The midfield is no less impressive with a very deadly combination of attacking midfielders of Bruno Fernandes who has scored 28 goals and assisted 17 times in 58 appearances and Bernardo Silva who has the quality to play very well although his stats are less impressive with 5 goals and 9 assists in 45 appearances for Manchester City. I still do feel he played a key role in their success. This combination is going to provide so many chances for the attack and also set a very fast paced tempo, since there will be more focus on attack. Along with these key players, Portugal have so many options to play in the midfield ranging from defensive midfielders like Rúben Neves, Danilo Pereira, Joao Palhinha (who is another person I am excited to see), and William Carvalho to center midfielders like Renato Sanches, Sérgio Oliveira, Joao Moutinho, and Rafa Silva. Fernando Santos really needs to play his cards right in choosing 3-4 midfielders to play since he has been given a gold mine of midfielders

Portugal’s defense is also looking strong with Rúben Dias looking to head it. He has had such a good first season with Manchester City, winning the Premier League Player of the Year and has really upped the defense of Manchester City. I look forward to seeing him do the same for his country. At the same time, I feel the other 2 options for center backs – Fonte and Pepe – are quite old but experienced but let us see if they can keep up with the fast-paced attitude Portugal hope to keep. I would like to see Nuno Mendes, the 18-year-old left back from Sporting CP, play as well since he really looks like he has a bright future

These are my Euro predictions for Group F. This group has so many quality teams, anything can happen and the tournament looks to be very interesting with such groups and match ups. Please let me know down in the comments what your predictions are and how they are different from mine. Thank you for reading!

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